Courtney Burk | Team Intro

Courtney is one of Featherstone’s copywriters. She comes from the restaurant and hospitality industry, so it comes as no surprise that she handles the copy for a majority of our food and beverage clients.

Her years of experience in the industry have introduced her to many people throughout the city and have given her a vast amount of material for her freelance writing endevors. She writes for various publications on subjects of food, beverage, and video games. Her work can be found at She’s always reading something new, be it a new chapter on webtoon, listening to an audiobook while working in the garden, or scouring the racks at Pages and Vault of Midnight for new releases. She runs Ferndale Stock Pot with her husband, a pop-up that serves pizza puffs, focaccia sandwiches, and soup. Their entire menu is centered around the yeast her Babcia and Dziadzia brought over from Poland.

When she’s not in the garden, sprawled out with her laptop writing, beating her husband at select video games, or curled up with her dogs reading, Courtney can often be found at Cøllect or Urbanrest on industry night sharing a pint with friends.