Say Hello to Sabira!

Say hello to Sabira, our team’s Public Relations Specialist!

Sabira is the Public Relations Specialist at Featherstone. Besides being the youngest of the bunch, she is always keeping us fully updated on the new trends in the various Detroit markets and ensuring our clients are well portrayed in both national and local media.

She is a Wayne State graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in communication studies and a minor in public relations. Language and communication have always played a pivotal role in her life. She was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan by her two parents who immigrated to America from Bangladesh.

Being raised in an immigrant household shaped a large part of her identity. Growing up bilingual informed her worldview and sparked her interest in pursuing the study of communication. She observed firsthand how communication plays a vital role in human life. She believes that at its core, communication allows us to better understand one another and serves as the cornerstone to any successful relationship, whether it be personal or professional.

Sabira lives at the intersection between Detroit and Hamtramck. She grew up surrounded by small businesses and has come to love and admire them.

Utilizing her skills to support and uplift local businesses has allowed her to marry her interests and serve as an ally to her community. Her support for what she is passionate about extends through many aspects of her life. You can tell by the way she has a story every Monday morning about her latest trip to a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop she had only heard of, or how she repaid that old neighborhood diner a visit with some pals. A free spirit she is, she can think of no better way to spend her time!

During her downtime, you can find her re-reading Harry Potter, watching The Great British Baking Show, or working on creative passion projects.