Mehreen Pervez | Team Intro

Say hello to Mehreen Pervez, Featherstone’s Creative Specialist. From photography to branding, she handles it all! She is a passionate individual who loves to meet new people, learn new things, and see the beauty in everything. Her approach to everything is always with a sense of enthusiasm, and her drive to know more is a considerable strength she carries in her personal and professional life.

Mehreen is a self-taught photographer, and her talent is showcased in the work of many of our clients! She fell into the field of photography and overcame many obstacles while working through the process of developing her style. It’s been a passion project that’s taken her on a creative journey – one she’s proud of. You can view her work and book her for a session by contacting her through her instagram.

Becoming a caring, understanding, and well-rounded individual in every facet of her life is a massive goal for Mehreen. She loves to interact with people from all fields of work and areas worldwide. She actively puts herself in new situations, so she is pushed to see things from different perspectives and encouraged to grow, even though some instances are extremely difficult.

Mehreen loves spending as much time as possible with her fiance, family, friends, and cats. Her weekends typically consist of hanging out with those she loves, sewing, crocheting, styling outfits, and doing anything fashion-related, including fashion and editorial photography! She’s an avid scroller on TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit. And is constantly on the hunt for new places to eat, because eating is never not fun!