Stacy Alavarez

Social Media Manager, aka Social Media Composer

“Something that I really enjoy about my role is working closely with my team members and clients to ensure that everything we are putting out into the world is what our clients have envisioned in their brains.”

Stacy is Featherstone’s Social Media Manager, aka Social Media Composer. Her role is to be the “megaphone” for our clients. She helps to amplify their voice on social media platforms and websites. The impact that she wishes to make in her work is always to notice the small details. In order to successfully execute the client’s vision, paying attention to the small details is always important. 

Stacy is a graduate of Wayne State University with a bachelor’s in marketing. Her passions outside of Featherstone are:

  • Manga and figure collecting 
  • Traveling 
  • Fashion, beauty, and skincare