Our Story

Featherstone Moments was officially founded in August 2015 as a Single-Member LLC to be a photography company. However, through the demands of customers, the work evolved into sales through commercial photography and other forms of content. Content creation was the catalyst to what is now the company’s primary source of business, marketing, and public relations.

Mission & Vision

We’ve been part of Detroit’s growth for seven years. We’ve supported the expansion of immigrant inclusivity, the successes of many celebrated BIPOC-owned businesses, and a reputation for quality and consistency. And at the center of it, trust and relationships.

At Featherstone, we believe in the power of peoples’ stories. We make it our mission to share the stories of people and organizations making a difference in their communities. We’re a boutique marketing agency in Detroit, MI, dedicated to creating incredible digital experiences. We’re ready to say hello (in multiple languages).

Our Values

Our team is a collective of young and uniquely talented creators, writers, social media experts, and technology savants who are determined to use their skills to change the world. Our team values are : Equity, Culture, Truth, Trust, and Transparency

But equity is the most paramount to us. We define it as the means to level the playing field, to make the greatness that already exists stand out to the world in affordable, just, and relevant ways. We understand that equity is key to creating radical change in today's world because when you advance equity, you advance life.



This DACAmented entrepreneur uses his immigrant experience to uplift minority businesses

Model D | February 5, 2019
As an immigrant and person of color himself, Dueweke-Perez understands where his clients are coming from and meets them where they are. He taps into empathy, leveraging his skillset to share the unique stories and perspectives of those he works with.

Immigrant Entrepreneur Uses Culinary Connection To Feed a Vision For Detroit

Model D| October 20, 2020
Perhaps the bilingual, culinary nickname stayed with him, because Dueweke-Perez went on to become a co-founder of Southwest Detroit Restaurant Week (SWDRW). The concept for the annual 10-day event, during National Hispanic Heritage Month (which is observed from mid-September to mid-October), came from a desire to highlight Latin American heritage, which Dueweke-Perez felt was being neglected in mainstream media coverage of Southwest Detroit.

Detroit Business Striving to Embrace Community Unity

Click On Detroit Channel 4| September 28, 2020
DETROIT – A local business is being praised for trying to break barriers in the City of Detroit. The bottom line for the company is about much more than making money. It is about building a greater sense of community.


We are a team and a family that understands the value of equity, inclusion, and diversity from within and from experience. We are also one of few marketing agencies working toward worker-ownership. We’re here for the long run!